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Animal VS Animal At Heart by Little-rolling-bean

Vision : It is efficient, straight to the point, but very average and not well balanced as far as the image goes on. Originality : cari...

Chakra -B.O.T. Page 117 by ARVEN92
by ARVEN92

I already told you, I like your Comic and I absolutly LOVE your character design. What encourage me to add my critique was the fact tha...

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Azarian stories - The bleeding star, prologue by payclo3
Azarian stories - The bleeding star, prologue
A year has passed since Ashnor began to work as a slave For Isha and Urbesh.
A year since he fought for his survival against the dreaded Rasher in their fateful encounter.
A year since he became the one human to have survived, not just survived Razer but survive killing her... The one human that survived Garoth, the law itself : the one human that survived their traditions.
THe one that has been a thorn in the side of their view of the natural order ever since and ever since they crave for vengeance..


A black asharr'osh, young yet covered in scars and burns was sleeping in his den with his mate, she on the other hand was not, she was thinking, it has been a while since they mated, back then, he was still something :
Still a pup but that didn't really change so far. No, what made her desire the younger male was his lineage : back then he was the pup of Rasher the black dread, now, he's just the guy who's been orphaned by a human boy.
Back then he was just the spawn of a feared but respected disgrace, now he's the spawn of a weak disgrace.
She likes him though and has been waiting to carry their youngs but he was still very young, a pup according to Garosh and so far, no sign of pregnancy.
She was still a pup when they mated but now she was mature and responsible of her action, she was older and it's known that males mature sexually later. She was tired of waiting and she was tired of being the mate of a disgrace.
She always hated humans, "Filthy creatures" if you ask her but there was no human she hated more than this Ashnor.
Sadly it was not her job to dispense Justice, she had not been the one deciding his fate. She deemed that it was her mate's job as the son of Rasher to restore his honor by killing the maggot.
Of course, he would not risk his life like that, he had her after-all but... never had to win her.
She resolved to it : he would have to win her by proving his valor and for that, he would have to restore the honor of his blood.
If he wants her to come back, he would have to kill Ashnor and come back victorous.
Until then she was leaving.
"Please stay with me" he whispered unintelligibly as if he was just having a nightmare.
"You know what you have to do, Sehri"..

:iconazarian-stories:, Ashnor and the universe in which this story take place belongs to :iconarven92:
The return of the great dragon by payclo3
The return of the great dragon
Cover art done for the fantastic fanfiction : "return of the great dragon" by CabinFever5 on

"After a troubling call for help, Tigress finds herself captured by the less-than-dead Tai Lung. She must find a way to free herself, but something's changed. Tai Lung, with his time in the land of the living now limited, desperately seeks to fulfill a decades old last that involves Master Tigress herself. T for language and some dark themes."

Check it out, it's awesome and Cabinfever5 is a very proficient and good writer..
I needed to respond to :iconnewtoniannocturn: but that fucking troll blocked me..
So I will put that here until I respond to the bastard with another account..

you know and everyone else too BTW that you are just trolling and have nothing to back up your hateful words hence you use ad hominem tactics..

the thing about genetical respect comes from the observation that technolgical and genetical evolution are not compatible and tends to try to replace each other (technology aims to negate genetical strengths while a natural predator aims for the weak)
so I came to the conclusion that animal rights should be the equivalent of the right we got from the technological order but adapted to the genetical world of evolution.
It is not asinine and would clearly help life to be more efficient because the conflict between our two orders have been during for far too long and cost too much to the evolution method that gave us our body, our senses of perception, our abilities to move, our genetical strengths and what makes us human according to teenage TV show, our emotions..

We shouldn't assume that we don't need them to keep evolving the ways they have always been..
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Animal VS Animal At Heart by Little-rolling-bean
Vision : It is efficient, straight to the point, but very average and not well balanced as far as the image goes on.

Originality : caricatures are never very original, it's always extremely biased and intolerant by bashing and mocking ppl that the author generally doesn't understand and doesn't want to understand and yours doesn't change that.

Technique : Well the only good point is that it is a caricature and a caricature is meant to be offending to the ppl caricatured, and even though yours is a bit ridiculous and absurdly biased, it completely succeeds in offending the caricatured ppl.
Now technique includes a lot of other points which your caricature fails to be good at : the image composition is unbalanced and boring as it's been said in the "vision" analysis, the drawing is really bad but nearly funny objectively which is what it's supposed to be, the use of computer default font is really a drawback that screams "look I write as bad as I draw and I didn't even try to make it look good" and the lighting, line of force and everything that falls under the composition category is completely arbitrary.

Impact : Now we've got something good, maybe I should just concentrate on the image and how it is built and then I could objectively put another very low grade but objectively a caricature is more than just an image and as a caricature, your work certainly had well more impact on me because of how I feel about this sensitive subject than it should have but still a lot of impact as it is a very powerful debate starter.


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