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Chakra -B.O.T. Page 117 by ARVEN92
by ARVEN92

I already told you, I like your Comic and I absolutly LOVE your character design. What encourage me to add my critique was the fact tha...

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Bill was scouting around for info when he saw Lucas and a new face answering to the name Kuzuma on the market place.

Bill boldly went in :
_ So there's a new puss in town..
She frowned at his presence,
"and it dislikes my kind apparently" he continued.
_ Maybe you should stop cheating during games then.
_ Wut? er.. I never cheat! Liar! Moo kind is of the blood of honorera.. er.. honera.. 1, 2, 3! HoNarable! *sight* got it! er.. hum-hum, Mooriors?, I mean not somee scalie fag! Ow got it, you all jealy of moo splendid fur, yah true moo can hide cards in there, so what? you mood bro?! PPFF ya got Bilied!  

Lucas stepped in as a true leader : (but still under his breath)
_It's not that hard to dislike your kind..
_Whatever.. At least I don't have moo hairs dyed in blue, EMO!
"BIM", Bill Snorted triomphantly.
_Yet another example as to why 'Taurs are an intellectually inferior species...
He rolled his eyes in annoyance and Bill bellowed in rage as Kuzuma readied her weapons but  he took a deep breath and :
_Moo! such self control, much awesome I am!
Lucas rolled his eyes again as if it was his trademark move and sarcastically replied :
_Oh, very awesome..
Before walking off..

"the leader of the new scalie faction turning his back on me, BIg error!" Thought Billy grinning as balefully as his bivine zygomatics allowed him.
He had guessed the faint silhouette of a small dagger under Lucas' black apron, a very handy melee weapon..

Lucas always found the brashness of Minotaur's to be irking. Would it have been anyone else of another species, he would have just continued on his way. Against better judgment, he decided to play along :
_I was just being a decent guy so you could wallow in your idiocracy in peace, and continue on with your meaningless life.

Bill was cut in his thoughts..
He didn't clearly got everything Lucas said but he grasped something about his "Life", was it :
He struggled a bit to find a meaning to all this, why he joined a faction?
he wanted power, influence over the ppl, he still do.
Why he didn't stick to Momo and Beth for the Festival?
Why he had no clue of their position or wellbeing?
They were not quite like a family yet, but still, it's been months! and nothing.
He heard about what happened but that just couldn't be right..
Bill concluded it all happened in Osaka.
Then it lighted in Bill's mind :

_You.. you were in Osaka, Do YOu know where is Beth? Wait wait wait! Who in the labyrinth do you think you are to speak about moo Life?! Are you tree.. free, -Damn it!-1,2,3 threatening! moo?!

"This guy really has a jumble of a brain," thought Lucas.
But he did know what happened to Beth.
How had he not heard about her yet, what happened at Osaka... he didn't know if it was his place to tell this guy.
He turned back to the bull-head :
_I don't know anything about the rest of your old faction members, or even who has decided to take over the impossible task of leading moronic species such as yours... But Beth was among the faction leaders body count. How had you not heard this yet?
_What?.. body count?! you moon the story with the guy that bloow up with the faction leader, you believe in that nonsense and I am the braindead?! Moohohoho! don't make moo laugh! of course I heard it, farmer talking politic reliable source of course! have anyone see the bodies?, Bill mocked.
Bill realized Lucas was certainly present in Osaka and might have saw what happened..
He concluded Lucas is an accomplice of whoever is responsible for what he stubbornely took as misinformation.

_Believe what you want. I'd check your sources' credentials though. I know what I saw.
The last line trailed. He was there alright, who else brought what was left of Vardin (which wasn't much but an arm and a sword) back to Travelers Tomb for cremation.

"I know what I saw..." Mimicked BIll
_The way you said it, it can't fool my accute sense.
Bill was more accusing than sympathetic, yet :
_so it's true? all dead just like that? mooahahhahaha what a bunch of incompetent, Billy tried to appear tough, he succesfully manage to not think about Beth, he liked her.
he continued :
_So what now? mister "I already founded my own new faction, it suggest you know more than I do, you can't be just like alone with that weird new girl do you?
Bill knew Lucas was and was just teasing..

_Acute sense of bull-shit, more like it. I don't have to justify anything to you. You would dare call the one you choose to follow incompetent without having witnessed the situation for yourself?

Bill sighed.
_You know what? she's dead, right? they are dead.. we are not, so the real question is : what are we gonna do to make their deaths not being in vain?

Lucas hated to admit that this 'taur had made sense like that and brought up a good point. Why did he take on the roll as a faction leader anyway?
_I figure the first thing is to catch the bastard known as the current king.

_Catching him?!, -exclamed Bill- Bad Idea! one does not simply catch someone that either have access to explosive copy of himself, is dead or is invulnerable to explosion, some tried they did not succeed, we have to come up with a plan that does not involve sacrifice, that's the easy part! the real problem is I want to be king and as far as I know you either want to be king too or you just don't want me to be king.. I'll unite the Hooved Ones and as one we will succeed!
Bill decided it would be fit to take his leave and thus he turned his back and started to leave..

"Damn 'Taur, making sense again..." Lucas thought.
He was willing to let this guy leave, he'd had enough of arguing. But before he'd go, he had to add :
_Yeah, you know what? I do want to be King.

Bill just raised his hand in a perfect, cliché and sequel-forecasting ending..


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