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Animal VS Animal At Heart by Little-rolling-bean

Vision : It is efficient, straight to the point, but very average and not well balanced as far as the image goes on. Originality : cari...

Chakra -B.O.T. Page 117 by ARVEN92
by ARVEN92

I already told you, I like your Comic and I absolutly LOVE your character design. What encourage me to add my critique was the fact tha...

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Azarian Stories - The bleeding star, Chapter 2nd by payclo3
Azarian Stories - The bleeding star, Chapter 2nd
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I did the illu in 20 minutes sorry 

Chapter second
Love and the bullies plus a lot of backstories

For the comfort of my reader and certainly not because I don't know their language at all, all speech in said language will be translated without notice in the course of this story.

Anyway, Sehri finally arrived at the meeting, he was late so he couldn't really go unnoticed.
He just hoped that.. well never mind..
"Ow look who's finally showing his snout!" said the wimp of the litter introduced in the last chapter (Gosh! let's hope it doesn't take me two month from then on), a sick-looking light brown and grey azaroth that would have probably not survived without the help of his brothers. He was always the most eager to engage Sehri, surely it had to do with him being the weakest of the brotherhood.
"..And alone.. but that we already knew.." added the middle brother a much larger male with a much darker version of the same coat.  He pointed his muzzle in the direction of a scene that he knew would make Sehri's blood boils.
In this direction he saw their huge brother, whose fur was darker than the wimp but lighter than his second as well as cleaner and fluffier than both his brothers, grooming his mate while she bore a content smile she hadn't shown him in a whole year.
The worst was that this male was stunningly beautiful, his mane was gorgeous, he had a powerful and sturdy yet athletic body build and his fangs were white as the ones of a new-born : How was that even possible? Sehri didn't mind much before but now he'd bet that the huge male was one of those crazy vegans, how else would he be so much more beautiful and healthier looking? (Why would I try to be subliminal? go vegan!)

"Oi! What's that about?! Weren't you supposed to wait for my triumphant return?" He barked teeth bared at the male despite his words being obviously directed to Lisha.
The female had no time to argue though as the two brothers attacked Sehri from behind and pinned him down.
Ow! he sure tried to bite them by flipping swiftly to a lying back down position and although it surprised the weaker brother who then lost his balance and fell miserably on his side in a mistake that would have proved fatal should it was made in a true duel, it also exposed his neck and the middle brother -who was not quite as clumsy as his still lying down brother- took advantage of it by quickly biting his throat.
Obviously Sehri stopped any movement at once, he was not the kind of guy to throw his life away and he knew they wouldn't kill him as long as he wasn't willing to fight to the death.

Most azaroth are not that violent of course, but when you fight for your survival and are confronted to death everyday, when there is no family waiting for you, when the only thing you have is your job and your hunting party, when you are aware that your boss and father figure, the one that saved you from the misery of an orphan life did so just to exploit you and your hunting potential for his own profit, well you don't become a very emotional person to say the least.
But that's also why Sehri knew he was safe as long as he'd kept it down, they all had one thing in common : they all went through hell and even though they disliked each other, there was that slight spark of respect between them that was more than enough to prevent even cold-hearted killers like them to kill each other.

Well except Lisha, she was the daughter of the Alpha Game keeper, the one keeping all the money due to their work, the one deciding who goes where, the one that has ruled their lives as their master since they met.
They are merely slaves to him yet they do not care.
He was the one giving them something to do with their lives, something in which they didn't feel like parasites or assisted.
He gave them an alternative to begging for means of survival and all of them reached the same conclusion when they first took a life with their own fangs : No more begging, never again, I am... a hunter! When I need something, I take it!
All of them, were proud of this evolution and respected the leader and his family.
In their young minds, there was no distinction between fear and respect.
Lisha just stood there as a spectator, she enjoyed watching males fight over her affection.
"Now now, What was that about? Sehri, hm?" spoke the biggest brother condescendingly while making sure his fur glistened in the morning light for the feels of majesty that emanated from him was something he truly had to heart.
Sehri of course didn't respond, the fear to say something that wouldn't please him was to strong.
"There is no need for fear, my dear little rat-face,  Do i not stand here above you as your equal in right before Garoth? hm?"
They shared one name for three, it was "the brotherhood".
The strongest told them very soon that they didn't need a name for they were not individuals but his shields.
For them he was everything. their duty was to ensure his survival and in return he would be graceful enough to allow them to survive by his sides as he took pride in being the master of three bodies.
Furthermore, he had discover at an early age that there was nothing he relished more than to speak and be listened to and his words were to be revered as law by anyone weaker for they held more power over their fate than Garoth itself providing they arein range to hear and be forced to listen.
HE shared one name for three, it was "the brotherhood" and HE, had a lot of ambition.
For all these reasons, Lisha realized that... she hated his guts.

"I am sorry, my emotions got the better of me" Sehri defended himself.
"really now? hm, I guess that can sound acceptable, you seem to be genuinely repentant.."
Sehri's face instantly brightened while the face of the weakest brother fell in disappointment.
His life had been pain right from the beginning, when the brotherhood were just newborn cubs, they had devised an efficient begging strategy which consisted in starving him so that he'd look more pitiful to the benevolent eyes.
He had always lived with the barest minimum for his organism to keep running.
He never played with his brothers, he had never been allowed to learn how to fight, to defend himself, to control his balance or even to be fed the nutrients that would strengthen his body.
These were too precious to be wasted on him.
He remembered begging his brothers, wasn't it the only thing he could do? wasn't he good at it?
Why didn't it work on them?
Yet in this moment, as a single tear made its way into the corner of his left eye while along with his right eye, they begged for an adequate punishment, it worked...
..and the speech was not over :
"However! the fangs must learn their place.. and it is out of my sight."
The middle brother took it as it was meant, a signal, an order he had to deduce and execute immediately to please his brother.
With years of experience, he had learn how to understand the sadistic mind and ways of the larger male.
He had already been punished for taking their playing session to far back when he still entertained the hope he could somehow lead the brotherhood.
Now, officially, he was nothing more than a soldier but the truth is that he was the most important being in his brother's eyes.
The one he loved and respected the most in his own personal ways.
He knew that without him he wouldn't be a respected leader anymore.
He knew that without him he would just be someone who do not care about his own brothers.
He knew that he wouldn't fail him and as he issued his cryptic command, he was yet again right for the middle brother had yet again read right through him.

There was nothing Sehri could do to hide his fangs, the middle brother had doubled the pressure on his throat and the young black azaroth found himself forced by his instinct to try and breath the hardest he could try which included opening wide his jaws and panting as a menacing hammer-like paw of the huge brother stood as a Damocles above his head.
The weakest brother just looked forward with glee to what should be a memorable display of pain directed to someone else than him.
In his mind, he was no victim of his brothers.
They had allowed him to live, waited for him countless times while he trailed behind, have provided him with warmth and confort when his whole body felt like broken glass shard rubbing against his nerves.
They were not the reasons of his misfortune... Weakness was! he knew that such is the way of the world : weaklings have to suffer.
He was proud to accept his fate and wanted nothing more than others to accept their.
"Enough!" Came the party pooping authority responding to the name of Lisha.
"I've assigned him to a mission that requires him to be in shape!"

They all instantly withdrew and Sehri ran behind the love of his life, hiding, cowering, the tails between his legs and the head low.

"My dear, Look at him, miserable, he's nothing like his mother, he is doomed to fail" pointed the brotherhood.

"Razer was used to hunt easy preys and trap them into her rules, her conditions, her environments. We do not have this luxury, we kill dangerous armed individuals where and when we have to. Indeed, he is nothing like his mother, he is much more adaptable"

Lisha was a much nicer person than any of them despite what you read in the prologue, and frankly, she had no reason to be mean at all.
She always had it easy and doesn't have such a sad backstory. Well it mostly revolves around her not knowing her mother and assuming for the biggest part of her life that she had been killed while doing her job that she assumed would be game-keeper.
Yep, that's it, her hatred towards humans is only motivated by what she imagined one of them did to an imaginary mother figure while he was defending himself from being killed by her although it would later take a new dimension in more recent times but before that, when she thought about it, she found herself going in circle at the pathetic amount of information she had to work with.
Her father never spoke about her mother.
To be fair, he mostly never spoke at all except to give orders so it wasn't that extraordinary that he'd never say anything about her mother, maybe she was just assuming there was a mystery to uncover where only some silly trivialities could be told.
Lisha was very unsure of herself, she liked to make stories and these often lead to doubt in the choice to make.
In more recent times?
A few month ago actually, she made up a huge theory from these piece of information :
Sehri and her dad both have the same light marking on their chest as well as a similar jaw and muzzle shape.
Her father found Sehri after an unusual trip as if he'd known about him.
She looks much like her father except for the yellow eyes..
Yellow, bright eyes..
She couldn't help herself, Yellow eyes in azaroths are not uncommon at all but she couldn't think about anyone else..
From this point onward, Razer was the most likely to be her mother in her mind which would most likely means her father is also Sehri's father which would make them "full" siblings.
She wasn't sure of anything but the doubt was enough.
She couldn't tell anyone especially her father or Sehri, because she felt like some silly girl with weird phantasms.
She had friends yes.. but she assumed their response would piss her off :
"yo Lisha, I know you don't have hands and it frustrates you and your writer complex, but that! is just disgusting, he is your fucking boyfriend!"
Well that and also the fact that her friends are game-keeper too.. under her father... which made her doubt about their friendship towards her and she wouldn't want her father to know about her "bad habit".
In truth, she felt cornered and she envied all those poor orphaned cub that had found freedom in becoming her father's slaves.

Anyway, hearing this praise, Sehri found the courage to walk by her side and to ask her :
"Come with me, we can do it together, we've always hunted together" he pleaded.

When Sehri first met her three years ago, he was wild.
He didn't talk and had never experienced what help was or how to be supported felt like.
Now that he thinks about it he doesn't understand how he could have lived without those.
Razer had taught him how to be invisible.
Each times she heard him, he received a beating.
Each times she saw him, he received a beating.
Each time she scented him, he received a beating.
Hell, even when she'd have a taste of his blood when she'd transport him by the neck, he received a beating.
The only thing she allowed him was touch, he had the right to suckle and nudge in her warmth provided she'd not hear, scent or saw him coming.
It was his reward for having been a good hunter.
Each time he managed to take her off guard, he had the right to have a mother.

"Father says it's your family business, that it doesn't concern me and that you've got to prove yourself without my help"
She couldn't camouflage the sarcasm in her voice when she recited that it didn't concern her which made the brotherhood curious.
Later that day, this curiosity would cost them much.

Sehri knew things about said father, things that he'd rather haven't known.
The news filled him with a sense of dread.
Later that day, the brotherhood would learn that his instinct wasn't wrong.


Disclaimer : the universe of Azarian stories belong to the awesome :iconarven92:
Azarian Stories - The bleeding star, Chapter 1st by payclo3
Azarian Stories - The bleeding star, Chapter 1st
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Next :…

Finally! and it comes out with its author having a new found respect for infographists..
I truly didn't expect photoshop to actually require skills. After being stuck on this pond for two months I can tell, I was so wrong!

Anyway, here it comes.


Chapter first..

He woke up at the first bird chirping nearby.
He didn't look up for his mate for he knew she was gone, he felt betrayed and deeply hurt.

"Lisha, you can't be serious" he mumbled under his fangs.
Whatever, he had a job and he loved it, he certainly wouldn't be missing a day anytime soon and certainly not for something as trivial as a broken heart.
He was a game keeper, patrolling the forest to make sure there is no poaching, which most often consist in killing humans desperatly trying to feed their family or bring them alive to be sold as slaves while their family starves but the latter solution is much less popular among the profession : "a human whose family is starving is not safe to enslave" they jusify.
As far as he was concerned, he preferred to kill them on the spot to avoid the annoyance of them begging for their freedom on the way to the slave market.

You might wonder why would any game-keeper tolerate such annoyance? Well, once the poacher is caught it is considered property of the game-keeper -unless of course if the poacher is an Ashar but such occurence only concern the game-keepers of private hunting territories because Garoth allows the right to any Ashar to hunt within a few miles radius from his home or den and the game-keepers rarely ask them if they are indeed within said few miles radius from their home or den when they meet on the hunting grounds because even though it is part of their job it would be rude to assume a stranger would be breaking the law as it is considered in Azarian culture an insult to one's honor which is often settled by a duel- (*sight* what a long digression, let's resume. "it is considered property of the game-keeper"..) and properties can be sold.. for money, which mostly interest Azaras, the anthropomorphic kind, because the quadrupedal Azaroths or Asharr'osh have very few use of it, let alone interest in it. They'd rather have the meat from the poacher's body than selling the poacher for money to buy Orpashmar : human meat at the market place.
Of course Sehri, as an azaroth, was no exception, if you ask him he would tell you that he prefer fresh meat anyway and has no problem dealing with the guts and bones whatsoever.  
Sehri's fur was of a very dark brown except for his extremities including the tip of his ears, his paws, the tip of his tail, his muzzle -save for the snout- and a particular member of his body which were red. Obviously said "particular member" had no fur on it and was of a very different red than the fur covering the other examples included as part of his extremities. Red can indeed be decieving -: as a primary color, it is supposed to be called magenta but when most people sees magenta they call it red, which is absolutely unfair and the result of a lack of proper education of the chromatic circle- so maybe saying it to be of a dark orange shade would be more accurate because his fur is certainly not magenta and I swear to god that I would track, find and kill anyone that would dare to fanart him with magenta fur. He also had a dark orange chest and belly and had a white or at least very light spot on his chest near his heart which seems to -in conjunction with the title of this story- foreshadow of an imminent grim fate... *hint* *hint*

"Ow! Fuck you! how could you be more cliché!?" The azaroth said in a suprisingly fluent english that he is not meant to know.

Observation : In regard of the ridiculousness of the situation I ask that this interference is not to be considered cannon in this story as part of the plot or for the character as an ability or feat.

May that serve as a lesson to anyone saying deadpool's comic awareness is a legit part of the character, and since It's a very important issue and that I am unfair with my characters, it will not go unpunished :
Thus -as Sehri was walking toward the place where the weekly morning meeting is held every weekly morning to assign each game-keeper the territory he will have to inspect for the week, because the game-keepers were indeed nomadic and lived well to not have a territory of their own.
Of course it helped that they'd often travel in pairs -often mated as it was the case of Sehri and Lisha.. usually- or small groups like one of three brothers from the same litter that Sehri always found particularly annoying as the three siblings took each and every single opportunities to pick on the younger outcast- a bee-hive fell of a branche directly on the head of the unsuspecting quadrupede who was dazed an instant by the impact. Instant in which he didn't realize what was happening which conveniently allowed the furious bees to start attacking the poor creature who -upon realisation- started to run like a mad dog to the nearest pound of water which was.. -should I be anymore of a dick? of course I should!- .. a long way to go.
Of course the bees were already on him and just had to hang on and find their way through the fur or to the numerous scars, where the fur didn't grow back or sparse, in order to inflict the delicate treatment. Some of them tried to bug their way into his ears hoping to reach the brain of the vile creature but mainly just proved their ignorance of mammal anatomy, they were of course stuck soon enough but in their selfless act of heroism, managed to sting the fucker where it would arguably be the most painful.
Little did they know but their sacrifice would play an important part in the development of this story.
Anyway, came the boring moment when the torture would end as Sehri found his way to the much desired pond. But that would be ignoring that I am the worst bastard ever as the bees were indeed water-bees which have the particularity -upon a strange twist of natural selection- to breath underwater as well as profitting from the added pressure to.. Okay that's just bullshit -just like all of superman's adventures- I am messing around, joking -just like all superman's writers- this last part of course shouldn't be considered cannon -just like all of superman's feats-, the concept of water-bees is completely ridiculous -just like superman's costume- and they should obviously not exist.. just like superman. We all know he can't beat Goku, ScrewAttack, Wake up!
So yeah the torture ended, great.. Sehri managed to get rid of the heroic party from which every individuals earned their place into the bee-hive constellation which would make a lot of the castaways and sailor's widows during the next few decades until the compass is invented because of it.
Let it be clear, Hokuto no ken wouldn't have survived it being scarred on his chest or he wouldn't have a chest anymore which would be highly impractical to punch because he wouldn't have pectoral muscles anymore and thus his shoulders would constantly dislocate.
Well at least he felt miserable : He was wet and he barely felt his face anymore as most of his facial muscles went numb but that doesn't mean he was not in pain as even though he didn't feel his face anymore, he could guess it by feeling the numerous bee sting on it.
He resumed his journey toward the meeting, late, the head low and the tail(s) between his legs. He had a feeling he would have a very bad week. Let me tell you his feeling would prove true but He really had no idea.


Disclaimer :

The universe belongs to the awesome :iconarven92: 

So far only two characters are mine, Lisha and Sehri.. well and the bees too but they haven't been given much development, poor little fellas.. 
Inspire a curio entry by payclo3
Inspire a curio entry
Curio Name : Plasmacoatl

It is said that when a PLasmacoatl strikes the attack can be seen several seconds before it can be heard from very distant points.

(References : Eel, Quetzalcoatl, Kadabra (mostly visible in the early draft on paper), Frieza (mostly visible in the early draft on paper), Something I saw a while back I think in the Monster Hunter franchise.)


Artist | Student | Varied
Biological agent

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